It is the perfect time to purchase a gift. Between now and Christmas, people are looking for a special something for family and friends. Come in a see our selection of beautiful jewerly for both men and women.


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Why Watches are Important
Watches do more than just tell time, they tell you something about the person wearing the watch.

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We are a friendly and approachable with any job that is required. We do not discriminate even if it isn’t valuable. I realized that not everyone is fortunate enough to inherit a quality Time piece or Jewelry, but these are extremely important and meaningful Gifts  to the client. Friendly and welcoming goes a long way! Offering services for any Brand on. Site..We are a full service Jewelers that do quality work on all jobs, big or small. When a client comes in to buy a gift , we certainly don’t suggest that the gift for engagement should be 3 months of your salary. Nor did we retro fit our shop with super bright white lights.

I do hope clients really see how honest and friendly and professional we are. Each client is appreciated and served to the best of our ability. We are true craftsman with Watches, Clocks and Jewelry! We are proud to serve you differently. Monday – Friday


Meet Vivian Schenker, manager of The Watch Clinic European Jewellers. She doesn’t just run a business. Vivian collects stories… stories of people, their jewelry, and their watches.
For instance, one young woman came into the shop, clearly upset. She’d broken a fine silver filigree bangle, an heirloom inherited from her grandmother. The silver was very thin and soldering it together would have been a disaster. Vivian looked at the pieces and explained that the bangle was beyond repair. She saw the look of disappointment. So The Clinic came up with the idea of making a pair of earrings from pieces of the bangle. The customer was delighted. Every time she puts these earrings on, she has an emotional attachment.  Read the complete story 


Testimonials As Seen on Google

 Michael Wilkie
A great place to do business with, I found them to be honest and upfront in all my dealings with them. Their customer service it top notch and you are treated very fairly. They have looked after my antique pocket watch with great care, expert knowledge and skill. I would highly recommend them to any one with watch issues, or jewelry purchases in mind.

 Philip Niedzwiadek
I came here to get my watch fixed today and it was done before I finished my casual conversation with the store owner, Vivian. Some of the best and quick customer service I’ve gotten in Ottawa!

Unequivocally best watch repair service I have encountered. Literally took 15 mins of my time. I had my watch estimated and replacement band installed. They offered to send out for manufacturer repair (broken crystal on face, broken ceramic link and clasp) Very honest and helpful. I recommend them highly.

★Hailey Miller
My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this little shop today while walking down bank street trying to wait out rush our traffic. We came to Ottawa with the mission of finding a store that could take links out of a wooden watch I had bought him for his birthday. After trying literally 7 – 10 different stores and every single one of them basically saying

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it was a cheap watch and they wouldn’t do it (The watch wasn’t meant to be an expensive dress watch he already has some of those and I wanted something different who cares if I didn’t spend a small fortune on a watch? ) . We were greeted by a Vivian, a wonderful soul who runs the store, I’ve read lots of these reviews and I honestly can’t even imagine her being snobby but we all have our days I suppose we’re all human and she was very friendly with us. I also read a review where they said she decided they weren’t worthy of her service ? My boyfriend and I are a couple in our 20’s and beyond that we look like early 20’s at best even though we are older. If someone was going to not take people seriously it would be us however she was very accommodating. She without hesitation took the watch and had the man in the back take out the appropriate amount of links. I’m not sure why people are saying she charges to much literally every store we went into today charged $20-$30 depending on the type of watch. The man in the back took out the links no problem while Vivian told us some cool stories about the little store and gave us back the watch. She charged us 20 dollars and some change , I feel like this is a more than fair price especially since other places wouldn’t even touch the watch. Thank you for the great service and knowledge will be back soon xox .

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